body and nature portrait series look 2

Body And Nature

Going back to the roots, rekindling with nature in search of the meaning. If there is any meaning it must not be in the end but in the beginning.

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black and white close-up portrait

On The Loose

Jyoti poses in her newly designed collection of loose-fitted, comfortable and elegant clothing, perfect for the young, working from home class of people who also love to venture out.

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male portrait photoshoot mens fashion

Patterns To Flatter

Graphic design tees come and go but simple patterned clothes are eternal. This series is dedicated to the timeless classics of simple patterned outfits, and how a gentleman can flaunt them with a smart combination of trousers. Fashion may change throughout the years, but some outfits never go out of style.

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close-up portrait of indian girl in saree

Prerana Flaunts The Saree

Conducted a free conceptual portrait photoshoot giveaway for my birthday. Prerana won it and told me she wanted to wear a saree for the shoot. The concept was to introduce a slight twist and sensual touch to it.

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abstract graphic makeup portrait

Goddess Of My World

A graphic makeup shoot that features shapes and forms working in tandem to create a mystical goddess that rules my imaginary world.

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full length portrait of girl sitting in grass field

Flawed And Loud Project

Flawed And Loud is a project where real people (no experience of being in front of a camera) strike a pose as if they were from a fashion magazine.

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valdan valancy wedding


Soulmates tied up in a sacred bond for life. Wedding is the beginning of a wonderful journey between two souls and their families.

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jayshree mehendi

Pre-Wedding Rituals

Celebrations that are just as important as the wedding itself. There is much preparation and anticipation that revolves around a couple’s wedding day.

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Food Photography

When not shooting people, I photograph the basic necessity for survival of mankind. Food.
I help restaurants with photos that help them standout from the competition and gives an edge in marketing.

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girl on bungee trampoline

Graphic Designs

Welcome to my world of graphic designs. I design easy to understand logos, posters, brochures, pamphlets and much much more.

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western ghats


Hand-picked collection of my travel photographs to make your space look great in an instant.

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