I am Arunabh Bhattacharjee, a Fashion and Portrait Photographer from Goa, India. I am a man of few words and prefer speaking through photographs. Each of my projects is not just about my subject, but about me equally.

I love creating portraits of people who have no experience of being in front of a camera. The flawed and loud project was found out of my love for working with real people. I love the challenge of getting the best out of them. Every photo shoot with such people is a beautiful learning experience at both ends of the camera.

Briefly, my work focuses on the following:

  • Fashion and commercial photography: I plan and shoot campaigns for brands in a way that reflects their core values. I also shoot portfolios for aspiring models and actors.
  • Retouching: All my photographs go through an advanced retouching workflow that retains textures and does not make skin look plastic. I retouch all my photographs and do the same for fellow photographers on commercial projects.
About the name: We are all Flawed! Embrace your flaws. Get forward and get Loud.

Education: B.Tech. Electrical & Electronics Engineering, National Institute of Technology Goa.

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